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Our STEM camp had a great first week learning about space!

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Field Day fun on the last day of school. What a great way to wrap the school year! We loved having some of our eighth graders come back to help out. Happy Summer everyone!

Scenes from our Kindergarten Graduation ceremony. On to first grade, little ones!

Congrats to out students who made the honor roll for third trimester!

Kids of all ages enjoyed Summerfest. Kudos to select faculty who braved the dunk tank!

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Congrats to the class of 2022! Photos from Eighth Grade Graduation.

Last week during “Hawaiian Shirt Day,” Ms. Maki incorporated hula dancing into her gym classes.

Reptiles visited St. Robert Bellarmine School! Our students got to see some neat reptiles, and some even dared to pet them!

8th grade ribbon ceremony

It’s a fun time of year to be in eighth grade! We celebrated them at our annual Ribbon Ceremony earlier this week.

Our seventh graders went on a field trip to a Chicago Dogs baseball game. Despite the rain and cold, the students had a great time sitting in the bleachers, buying their own lunch, meeting the players, and playing ball around the stadium.

Summerfest 2022 Flyer

Come by our Summerfest on 6/4 for fun for the whole family. Make sure to book a sitter and return for some adult fun in the evening!

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Our school community celebrated Mary at our annual May Crowning, featuring our second and eighth graders.


Sixth grade is completing a study of Greece and Rome as well as following the conflict in Ukraine. We have also been enjoying air conditioning during these warm days and thankful to all who made that possible. Congrats to all who made the honor roll!

Fourth grade enjoying a beautiful spring day outside discussing the novel they are reading in their literature circles.

Jeff Park Chamber Scholarship

Applications now available for the Jefferson Park Chamber’s High School Scholarship Program. Applicants must be a graduating eighth grader who lives or attends school in 60630. Apply here.  

The fifth graders have moved into a new section of their Science curriculum studying “Living Systems” and we’re learning how energy is transferred from organism to organism in a particular ecosystem. In this activity, fifth graders are sorting cards from a “Woods” ecosystem. The cards list black bear, pine trees, earthworms, and bacteria. Their job is to create a food chain of at least three organisms with the cards.

An educator from the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum came to the second grade classroom for an in-class field trip about insects. Students observed six different live insects and even touched a few of them!

The fourth graders have been learning all about the environment since April is Earth Month. Students read an article entitled “Do Animals have Friends?” and took a field trip to the Brookfield Zoo to investigate and compile evidence. They have been reading about different ways to help protect the environment in Reading, and even learned how to have a proper debate on Earth Day and debated about rewarding people for recycling.

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Students in our Latin American dance program performed for family and classmates. The after-school program was led by our fine arts and Spanish teacher, Ruben Pachas.

Our 6-8th honor roll students were recognized at a recent Honors Assembly. Great work, students!

Second graders are reading historical fiction stories in reading class and adding and subtracting three-digit numbers in math. In writing class, the children are writing poetry. This week, they chose their best poems to submit to a regional poetry competition. The winning poems will be published in a book of poetry!

We had an EXCITING volleyball season with many of our Bruins teams advancing to the Semifinals. Congrats to our 8th grade boys’ Red team and 7th grade boys’ teams for winning their conference!

PreK4 is ready for spring! After reading Eric Carle’s The Tiny Seed, students made their own beautiful flowers.

First graders are soaring through spring! In math, we are learning how to tell time to the hour and half hour. In phonics and spelling, we are learning to encode and decode words with r-controlled vowels. On St. Patrick’s Day, students learned about simple machines and worked in groups to build their own leprechaun traps. In science, we planted ryegrass and alfalfa seeds to grow our own lawn. Check out some of our exciting work! 

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School parents and parishioners enjoyed a night of laughs to benefit our sports program at our annual Comedy Night. 

kindergarten 5

Kindergarten scientists are learning about wood, and have even made their own particleboard by mixing sawdust and glue together! The class is currently learning all about different kinds of paper and love the hands-on lab work they do in small groups. After the labs, they make an entry about their experience in their science journals.  

Our eighth grade boys’ volleyball teams are two powerhouse teams! They played against each other over the weekend in an incredibly close game that was fun to watch. Red won the first set, white team won the second set and the third set was tied and had to go extra until first team made it to 27…..final was 27-26 WHITE. Both teams are winners in our book. GO BRUINS! 🐻

PreK students are working on activities for St. Patrick’s Day, including marble and dot St. Patrick’s Day paintings. How LUCKY are we to have this art decorating our halls!

Preschool 4 has also been working on the letter R, the number 16, and patterns throughout station time. The students love games of Memory and building with blocks and other toys. Our preschoolers have learned and grown so much this year, their days enriched with lots of fun learning activities.

6th grade ukraine news

Mrs. Kunath’s sixth grade reviews newspapers to discuss international news including the war in Ukraine. 


Our Queen of Hearts Raffle is back! Weekly drawings start March 3 at 7pm at Pete’s Pizza #2. More info here.

Deacon Bill celebrated Ash Wednesday prayer service for our school students and gave each of them a beaded bracelet to use for prayer and good deeds over Lent.

Runathon winners

Congrats to all our Run-a-thon winners! Thanks for raising money and running your heart out for SRB!

Our eighth graders faced off against members of our staff in a volleyball game to cap off Catholic Schools Week. The students won, but it was a close game!

We had a great turnout for our 2020 Open House! Great to see families and meet new faces.

Seventh grade scientists show off their hard work on their Science Fair projects this week. Congrats to the following students who received special recognition for their projects:

First: Julia Kenney
Second: Eamon Kerr
Third: Clarisse Horbinski
Fourth: Jonathan Levin and Sabria Ryan

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Seventh grade scientists proudly show off their projects during our school Science Fair.

MLK prayer service 1

Third grade honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during a recent prayer service, sharing facts about his life and lines from his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.


Congrats to the seventh grade boys’ basketball team for placing first in their conference championship! GO BRUINS!

Second graders are learning about the properties of solids and the materials that can make up solids. This week, they used what they learned to build towers! They discovered which materials would be best for a tall, stable tower while also growing in perseverance and cooperation.

Ms. Stiber works with small groups as part of their Daily 5 reading activities.

Watercolors make learning more fun in preschool.

Ms. Graca works on a building a strong phonics foundation in kindergarten to make reading a breeze!

It’s sweater and mitten weather! First grade shows off their creativity.

Learning to cut with scissors is a difficult but important task! Ms. Seng’s preK class shows off their skills.

Analyzing literature and public speaking are great skills to develop now for future success! Eighth grade students read one of two short novels over Winter Break about young people changing the world. Then they made group presentations on their chosen book.

Some of our preK4 students enjoy counting and playing with friends after winter break.

Mr. Pickett’s fourth grade students learned about the history of different New Year’s traditions around the world and drew a postcard sharing what they learned.

First grade is using addition strategies to work with numbers up to 20. In phonics, they are learning to identify and decode words with long vowel sounds. In language arts/writing, they discussed what a New Year’s resolution is and created our own. In science, they started learning about light and shadows.

Students in preschool, preK and Kindergarten performed in a special Christmas concert on the final day of school. Great job, little ones!

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Scenes from our annual Christmas pageant featuring students in grades 1-8.

Students of all ages enjoyed seeing a special guest in the week leading up to Christmas break!  

Kindergarten has been learning so much! We just finished our science unit on weather where we learned about wind, temperature, and different types of weather. We used our “wind watchers” (paper towel tube with a streamer attached to it) to notice how the wind makes it move and how to use a thermometer. You can see the children here taking their weather test and then going outside to enjoy our moderate weather–no snow yet!

Congrats to our 6-8th grade students who made the honor roll for first trimester!

Who remembers these fun scooters from their grade school days? Our third and fourth grade students are having a blast with them during PE last week.

Fifth grade is working on creating 3D shapes from 2D outlines.

Ms. Seng’s PreK4 class is ready for Christmas already, complete with their own classroom elf!

Sixth grade is playing an educational game in Blooket, where they try and hack other students and mine for crypto currency like a spy!

We are grateful for our school families, teachers, and entire SRB community. Happy Thanksgiving!

All this week, Mrs. Graca’s kindergarten class has been starting their day by flapping their wings and shaking their tail feathers. 

The eighth grade is working hard on their term papers, a graduation requirement. They have also received their hoodies, an eighth grade “perk.” Next on their agenda will be helping at the Wreath Sale to earn funds for the Class Gift to the school. Never a dull day in the eighth grade!

The Holly Hobby Fair is back! Please check your student’s folders for more information or you can download the forms here.


Third grade takes a quick 20-minute yoga break to stretch and energize so they can tackle the rest of their day.

The seventh graders have just started their Body Systems unit in science. To begin the unit students drew life-size diagrams of the human body, and then created models by using clay to make different organs and structures. In reading, the students enjoyed reading the teledrama The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. They also enjoyed watching the original Twilight Zone episode to compare and contrast what we read versus what we saw. 

Thanksgiving Door

Ms. Seng’s PreK class is already in the Thanksgiving spirit with their door decorations!

Pumpkin and door decorating, costumes, and fun–must be Halloween at SRB!

Fourth grade enjoyed a field trip to Johansen Farm Children’s Zoo and Pumpkin Patch last month. Highlights included handling baby chicks and petting baby goats, pigs, and sheep. We also explored a corn maze, took hayride, and played some mini golf.

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Our first Trunk or Treat event in the back parking lot was a big hit for students and parents alike. Families decorated their cars and gave out candy from their trunks – the creativity was so incredible!

Our prayer partner program brings together students in different grades to learn and play together. Here our sixth grade and our Preschool 3-year olds work on Halloween crafts together.

PreK4 students decorate pumpkins together in preparation for Halloween

Seventh and eighth graders learned about proportions of the human figure and created a figure in action out aluminum wire, pipe cleaner, and colored wire.

second grade - 3

Second grade is learning about spelling patterns in Language Arts and reading humorous fiction stories in Reading. In Math, they are solving addition and subtraction word problems. In Religion, they made finger puppets to retell the story of the Good Samaritan. They also drew landmarks and symbols of the United States in Social Studies. 

Students embrace yoga as the newest addition to our specials program!

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Photos from our 37th annual Run-a-thon, one of our biggest school fundraisers of the year.