Meet Our New Principal


After 16 years as principal of St. Thomas the Apostle School in Crystal Lake, Deanne Roy has returned to her roots on Chicago’s Northwest side to guide our St. Robert Bellarmine community as its new principal.

“I grew up in this neighborhood! I feel so blessed to be back here. The timing was just right as all three of my sons were off to college.”

Ms. Roy holds a BA degree in Communications from DePaul, a Master’s from National Louis University, and started her PhD in curriculum administration at Northern Illinois University. She has three sons, 19, 22, and 26. She also has 15 years of experience in the classroom teaching at both St. Thomas and public schools out in Woodstock, IL and at St. Eugene’s here in Chicago, where she first began her career.

Ms. Roy has developed certain values after many years in Catholic education.

“Faith is #1. I think every Catholic school can grow in their faith.”

Other values include a strong educational foundation and building a sense of family and community, which starts and ends at home.

“I’ve learned as an administrator that parents are the first and primary educators and faith instillers of their children. We can only do so much from 8 to 3:00 and need the parents to be our partners in both.”

Ms. Roy prides herself on being open and honest in communications with parents, and to always listen to their valuable opinions. This first year at St. Robert Bellarmine will be a learning experience as she settles in to learn about our great school and community.

“I like the energy I’m seeing! I’m excited to see a lot of parent involvement. I hope to maintain all the great things about St. Roberts including its strong enrollment and dedicated staff. There are many great traditions here that I hope to keep alive and well.”

But change is a good thing, too, and Ms. Roy is tasked with filling 8 open staff positions with vetted and qualified new hires that will bring fresh perspectives and breathe new life into our school.

“I’m not going to fix what’s not broken and will spend much of this first year observing and getting feedback from the pastor, staff, and school families. Any changes will be strategic and rolled out over time.”

While her official start date was July 1, Deanne Roy still hopes to spend some time this summer where she is happiest: outdoors. Whether hiking, fishing, or out on the boat on Lake Marie, she loves to be with family in nature. She considers herself lucky to be able to spend more time back in her neighborhood and in the same building as her mother.

“She’s gotten older so my mom and I watch over each other. If my boys decide to come back after college, we have room. I’m sure I am hoping for that more than they are.”