Main Office Magic

Chris, Angel, and GloriaSM

Main Office Magic | A profile on Chris Wilson, Angel Lanzito, and Gloria Greifelt

by Nora Kerr

As anyone who has made a trip to the main office during a school day can attest, that place can get very busy. Christine (Chris) Wilson, Gloria Greifelt, and Angel Lanzito are SRB powerhouses that answer the phones, make the copies, bandage the boo-boos, and greet everyone that walks in the door with a welcoming smile. How do they do it? It turns out they really like each other and everything SRB stands for.

“I dare anyone to try one 8-hour shift in this office,” said Chris (née Majewski) Wilson. “It’s crazy in here!”

Chris is celebrating 13 years with St. Roberts, now working as office manager. However, her personal history with the parish dates back much further.

“Growing up, we came to church every single Sunday and sat in the front pew. Our family was always helping with things at the parish—this became our home away from home.” Chris’s dad was the architect that helped Bishop Jake turn the church into the first gym SRB ever had.

Both she (class of ’79) and her brother Dan (’77) went to school here, and Chris has fond memories of talent shows, playing volleyball with Coach Sr. Mary Lou, and cheering on the Bruins in basketball. She can still recite many of the old cheers. Chris would’ve married husband Darren here but had to quickly change plans when the church burned down in 1988.

“Invitations were already printed.”

Thankfully, the couple found another church for their wedding, but when they had 3 kids of their own, Brittany, Eric, and Nathan, they came back to St. Robert Bellarmine.

“I’ve always liked it here. I tried other parishes, but never found the same sense of family you get here,” said Chris.” “It’s a community.”

Her love for SRB explains why she manages the office so well.

“It’s why I’m still here—why I take my job so seriously. I was taken good care of here, my kids were taken care of here.”

She recently walked a student home 6 blocks just to make sure she got home safe. Clearly, Chris does more than just manage the office.

SRB left its mark on her kids. Her oldest daughter Brittany is marrying her childhood sweetheart, Michael Ingargiola, a fellow classmate from SRB, September 8, 2018.


Gloria (née Demma) Greifelt has worked for SRB in different roles for the past 10 years, but 3 of those in the main office. She also has a long history here, going back to 1963 with her baptism!

“We went to noon mass every Sunday then if we were good, a trip to Ponderosa after.”

Gloria attended school here through 8th grade and remembers the open classroom when the gym was divided into 4 quadrants with different classes going on in the same space.

“You would think it would be pandemonium but they made it work.”

Gloria also remembers favorite teachers, including Mrs. Seaman, who she still sees around the neighborhood.

“She looks the same!”

She married husband Scott and stayed in the area, and though they lived across the street from another elementary school, the couple sent their kids, Tyler (class of 2010) and Brandon (‘14) here. Gloria knew it was the right decision.

“I would hear that my kids are very polite and kind—that is everything to do with this place.”

She enjoys getting together with old classmates from her St. Roberts days, all picking up right up where they left off.

“You spend 8 years together—really formative years. When I see them, I’m 12 again.”

Gloria loves being able to work in the school that gave her so much.

“You’re running from the minute you walk in the door. People waiting for you, getting forms, making copies, answering phones, taking notes, applying band aids. I’m lucky if I can get to the bathroom and get a drink of water.”

But the busyness has an upside.

“It makes the day go very quickly.”


Angel Lanzito has been at St. Roberts for the past 18 years, working not only in the main office, but also helping out in the preschool.

“I started as temporary help and then stuck around!”

She splits her day between the preschool in the morning and the main office in the afternoon.

“And all that time, I copy for 40 teachers—that’s a lot of copies.”

In addition to working the Xerox machine, she answers phones, applies ice packs to ouchies, and helps with a lot of decisions that keep the school running smoothly. She fully admits, she could not do that job with just anyone.

“The three of us get along very well—which is important. We laugh, cry, talk. When I lost my dad last year, they were so supportive.”

All four of her kids graduated from SRB: Lenny (class of 1991), Dino (’93), Anthony (’96), and Deanna (’98).

“They are the people they are today because of SRB. Their foundation comes from here—religious, kind, and social. They’ve all turned into good adults!”

Angel says that this core foundation hasn’t changed through the years.

“I’ve worked with two principals—Sr. Mary Lou, a strong nun, and Mrs. Mijal—there’s nothing you can get past her! If things changed that much, I wouldn’t still be here.”

All three agree that a Catholic education—especially one at SRB—is worth every penny.

“We put fancy cars and vacation on the backburner. It was well worth it,” said Angel.

“It’s an investment—but one that is totally worth it for the teaching and attention you get here,” said Gloria.

Chris sums it up the best: “If you need a testimonial: I went here, my brother went here, my 3 kids went here, and I’m still here! SRB is just the right fit.”